Rubi's parterre

Rubi and Mango live together. They have been living together for many years now and their relationship has been worn out. Whilst Rubi and Mango are hanging out in their kitchen, Mango falls in the pot of curry that he was preparing for dinner. Rubi because he was on his phone, he didn’t have time to save him. Panicking, Rubi runs after him to save him. However, he did not expect to land on a forgotten jungle. As Rubi explores this new environment he bumps into a lot of different creatures he has never seen before, but being fearless, in the quest of searching for his lovely Mango, he asks around everywhere. Mango’s disappearance makes Rubi realise that he would go any form of challenge to find his love of his life again. This Narrative comes to life through illustration, animation and set design. The animation explores devotion and love through the concept of utopia and forgotten worlds.